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Design by the Blossom’s interactive floral design tool allows you to create virtual wedding bouquets, centerpieces, cakes and more. Create sample designs without the cost of supplies and get the flowers you need even when they’re not in season. Then share your designs with clients, vendors and staff. Save yourself time and stress and design it just the way you want it right from the start!

We recommend including the following phrase when providing sample designs whether they come from our virtual designer, Pinterest, or even your own work: “We have provided a virtual sample of your bouquet to bring you a step closer in visualizing the beauty that awaits for your wedding day! This is meant to affirm that we are on the same page for your wedding style and have a shared vision. This virtual design is not intended to be replicated stem for stem that day. Your bouquet will be created with only the best blooms available that week and minor substitutions and variations in the arrangement will occur to create the most gorgeous version possible!”

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Alicia & Julie

Design by the Blossom