After using our virtual floral design tool, these are the typical responses!
“Where has this program been all my life??”  |  “this is literally the coolest thing ever!”  |  “this was fun!”
“she (bride) loved the sample!”  | 
“I could seriously play with this all day!”  |  “love this tool!”
“I have been having a hard time envisioning my bride’s request, but this is totally helping!”  |  “this is absolutely amazing!”

Some of the top reasons florists like you are using our virtual design tool:

  1. In the past, if a bride wanted a sample I had to explain how expensive it is for one arrangement because of all the flowers that have to be ordered in. It was a time consuming and wasteful process. Now I can provide a virtual sample immediately and anytime of year regardless of what flowers are needed. Floral design styles are subjective, this gives us both the assurance we have the same vision in mind.
  2. As a relatively new florist, it gives me the opportunity to play with flowers I wouldn’t normally be able to. I can also create designs to show clients when I don’t have something similar already in my portfolio.


See the program in action with the bouquet demo!

Preview the flowers available to design with!

Watch more demo videos on our help page!


 Bloom allows you to create virtual designs with:

  • Over 550 flower images, various ceremony structures, and Accent Decor containers

  • 12 Cake patterns and 3 cake shapes

  • Options to save and share your designs

  • Ability to change background color to reflect table linen and dress color