Amazing Flower Photoshoot!

February 28, 2017

So for awhile now we’ve been stuck behind the scenes in website renovation world and everything has revolved around fixing bugs and improving functionality.  Lots of time emailing with programmers and focusing on all the boring stuff of just making sure everything is working properly. Thankfully we are finishing up with all the tweaks.  Well we finally got a break from the computer screen to see some incredible flowers in real life.  Let me rewind a couple weeks to share how we arrived at this wonderful opportunity yesterday…

design page screenshot

So about two weeks ago, I met a fantastic florist, Petals by the Shore, at a great little vendor mix and mingle put on by Rose Gold Events.  I was there representing my other business, Design Diva, for specialty linen rentals but we started chatting about Designed by the Bride.  I began telling her about our amazing tool and how we wanted to share it with florists and that we also needed to visit some event florists to take photos of flowers to add to our site.  Little did I know that she would put us in contact with the perfect person to help with both of these needs and she happened to be located only 30 minutes away… jackpot!

mix and mingle cp
Flowers by Petals by the Shore, Venue: McClintock Distillery

She introduced us to Holly of Holly Heider Chapple.  Let’s check off item 1- tell event florists about our tool: So Holly founded Chapel Designers which consists of a large group of event florists worldwide that all focus on great design, always learning and using tools that help them be their best.  What a perfect match, right? We totally support this mindset and encourage you to check out the amazing workshops she puts on. We really value this new relationship to get insight into what florists want and how we can do our best to fulfill those needs. It’s our pleasure to support these creatives with a tool that allows them to easily share ideas with clients and take their business up a few notches!

peach lisianthus

On to item 2- we need flowers to photograph! Holly graciously allowed us to come to her studio to take pictures of flowers she had on hand.  Flowers only last so long and when she said she had some unique blooms we had to jump at the chance to offer them to our subscribers.  So Alicia and I made the quick trip over to her studio yesterday to take in the beauty and she did not disappoint.  I figured we would probably have around 30 or so flowers to photograph… you guys we took pictures of over 100! Some of which I had never even seen before! I am still swooning over this gorgeous peach Lisianthus! We will definitely be back in the future for more flower photo sessions but for now I’m going to be editing flower images until my eyes fall out! When I resurface from photoshop land it means an exciting update to the site with a much larger array of flower choices for you to design with!

photoshoot photoshoot2  









Until then, happy designing!