Atelier Ashley Flowers – Florist Spotlight

February 27, 2018
Atelier Ashley Flowers

Before we introduce you to Ashley of Atelier Ashley Flowers, let’s bring you up to speed on what we’ve been up to in the last month…

Focus Group

We launched our first Facebook Study Group in which we invited any and all floral professionals to participate.  We created a free access week for the group so they could participate in a specific design challenge for each day of the study. Thanks to their participation, we have gained valuable feedback that will help us to make the site better for everyone! We have had great responses so far and love seeing what designs you all come up with! It’s so much fun to see all your personal styles. We want to continue to give you a platform to express how we can improve the tool, share other struggles of the industry we or others in the group can help you with, provide a place to share your work, and for us to be able to communicate new and exciting updates with you first! So please join our community at  

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Florist Spotlight with Atelier Ashley Flowers

So, as I mentioned, our next florist spotlight is with Ashley of Atelier Ashley Flowers. After spending time working under other highly respected florists, Ashley made the leap to start her own company last year (2017). She has designed in California, in DC for the White House, and France but calls home Old Town Alexandria in Virginia. You can read more about her journey here. My favorite line she includes when describing her ideal location is “The combination of wild garden centerpieces and elegance of historic crystal and gold pleases me to no end! ” So give this girl an old gilded mansion with lush gardens and she will create magic for you! 



Atelier Ashley Flowers

Atelier Ashley Flowers, Photo by E*B Photography

Ashley describes her style as  “French Inspired Classic” where her bouquets are often rounded while still having texture and dimension.


Atelier Ashley Flowers – SKC Photography


Atelier Ashley Flowers – Photo by Rudney Novaes


Atelier Ashley Flowers – SKC Photography


One of my favorite things to ask a floral designer is what their favorite flower is. If you know anything about me, I have an extremely difficult time making decisions, but one of the few things I’ve always known to be a favorite, is gardenias. They were my grandmothers favorite and my mothers too, so it was an easy decision! But back to Atelier… I loved her answer, “a rose from the garden, not to be confused with a garden rose. The rose has to be unique, have imperfections and a scent!”


Atelier Ashley Flowers – SKC Photography

So after reading through some of her blog posts, I found that she loves to “forage”  and use seasonal, local blooms whenever possible.  “I use seasonal blooms whenever possible, and more than anything, I forage a wonderful array of unique foliages and pods.  Most of my brides trust me to create something beautiful but aren’t too involved in the selection of each flower.  If they ask for locally sourced blooms, I am always happy to do so.” Check out her blog post about Mindful Foraging. Now I know what to tell my kids we are doing when we go for a walk outside to see what blooms we can find, only my display might not quite compare to hers!


Julie created a replica of one of Ashley’s centerpieces that she affectionately named “pink lemonade” on her Instagram post. How cute is that?! You can read the story about the truly sweet event these flowers were a part of on her blog


Atelier Ashley Flowers



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Stay tuned for the next installment of Design by the Blossom’s Florist Spotlight to meet more amazing creatives just like you! 


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