Create a Unique Boutonniere!

June 24, 2017

Can you spell Boutonniere?

I’ve typed this word multiple times and still struggle to get the spelling correct… I can’t even imagine how many ways it’s been misspelled.  Sometimes my spellcheck can’t even guess the word I’m so far off!

A little background on boutonnieres… who knows why they were originally worn? From the reading I did, I found there were two main reasons.  One, to ward off evil spirits.  Not sure how a flower does that, but hey, if it works, why not! And two, basically to make you smell nice.  We all know that personal hygiene was not a focal point for society in the past.  So wearing a nice smelling flower would make it bearable to stand near you!

Boutonniere is obviously a French word, and the French would wear a flower through their button hole on their jacket (hence the word boutonniere meaning buttonhole).  At some point that tradition faded and people started to pin them directly to their jacket.

Most commonly, boutonnieres are a simple flower, nothing too flashy and nothing too large. And traditionally they were made using carnations.  With today’s wedding technology and flower expertise, boutonnieres can pretty much be any flower you’d like.  There also doesn’t have to be a flower.  You could have one made up of solely greenery, or it doesn’t have to be any type of plant.  You can find something that suits any groom and his groomsmen.  

A less common flower that can be used for a non-traditional boutonniere would be Craspedia, or Billy Balls. Check out our previous blog post about Craspedia for a sample boutonniere using these pops of yellow!

Our pinterest board of boutonnieres shows a variety of different unique options.  Have a groom who loves fishing? Add a small fish.  Or have someone how loves super heroes? Incorporate a mini action figure into their boutonniere.  The possibilites are endless.  What’s your favorite boutonniere you’ve done? Share with us!


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