When dreams of a flower farm are ready before you are

August 07, 2018
PetalPatch Flower Farm

On Wednesday, Julie and I had the chance to visit a local flower farmer. So local, that she literally is just miles from my home. Our kids go to the same elementary school, small world! We were both excited to get a glimpse of flower growing life with Julianne of The Petal Patch Flower Farm!

Julianne was sweet enough to invite us into her home where we were greeted by her adorable daughter and later her sweet puppy, who we found out is infamous for digging in her piles of dirt! In her basement are tons of seedlings ready to turn into something gorgeous and a walk in fridge already filled with amazing blooms (which is why we were there!)Petal Patch Flower Farm

The Beginning

The Petal Patch Flower Farm started in 2016 when after toying around with the idea for some time, Julianne’s husband bought her a bunch of seeds and told her to go for it! She was just going to try out some different seeds and techniques but along came her neighbor who owned a landscaping company and offered a plot of land for her to use. And just like that they were going all out!

Julianne wasn’t new to the flower world though, she had helped her mom for years prior so she sort of knew what she was getting into. Now, two years later she has planted over 200 varieties of flowers (not including various colors of each variety!) and proudly offers them at local Farmer’s Markets including Downtown Frederick, MD and just recently at five different MOM’s Organic Market locations.

Pretty much a year-round job, Julianne jokes that she has a break for about a week at the end of December. Starting in September, she starts her seeds, in October she plants them and covers them for the winter and they grow until spring. And from about March (depending on the frost) she will plant outdoors all the way through September when she finishes up the outdoor planting with sunflowers.

Something new on the planting list this year was roses! She put in 30 rose bushes and has her fingers crossed they make it through the winter! When asked about the hardest part of this job, she said, “Succession planting, you just have to keep planting!

New Flower Images

Thanks to The Petal Patch Flower Farm, we were able to take images of over 40 flowers! We are so excited to add these into our ever-growing database so that you can create one-of-a-kind virtual designs.

The Petal Patch Flower Farm

Julianne had so many gorgeous flowers! It’s hard to pick a favorite from the day, but if I had to, I absolutely loved the white sunflowers! And here’s a little fun fact about sunflowers that Julianne shared with us, did you know that a sunflower takes 50 days from plant to harvest? That quick turn around time leaves her with lots more sunflowers to grow this year!

Thanks Julianne of The Petal Patch Flower Farm for allowing us to photograph the beautiful bounty from your relentless hard work! And if you’re an event florist near Frederick, MD, reach out to her and get the hookup on some local beauties to add to your designs! Follow her on Instagram at @petalpatchflowerfarm to get a glimpse into what it takes to grow these flowers and enjoy the gorgeous varieties she offers!


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