First Florist Spotlight

January 12, 2018
First Florist Spotlight with Holly Chapple

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes new ideas, new goals and new endeavors.  Sense a theme? New, New and more New!

So up first, our first florist spotlight: Julie and I both agreed that we want to meet more people in the floral industry, specifically florists. We are really looking forward to starting this year by reaching out and learning some new techniques, designs and styles! And we want to share with you all the gorgeous talent we find so you can follow their journey as well!

Early last year, we met with florist Holly Chapple of Holly Heider Chapple and she allowed us to take some great pictures of flowers that she had on hand.  Read more about that visit here. A little background: Holly is located in Loudoun County, VA and is extremely well known for her floral design and has over 25 years of successful business experience. Since this visit we have been following her journey and this lady is on fire! More on that in a bit. First we want to showcase one of her bouquet designs which are affectionately known as #hollyish. Holly created a beautiful bouquet and Julie used Bloom, our virtual design program to recreate that look and show what a sample of that design idea would have looked like.

First florist spotlight with Holly Chapple

Florist spotlight with Holly Chapple

When creating a virtual sample for a client, our recommended phrase to include is:

We have provided a virtual sample of your bouquet to bring you a step closer in visualizing the beauty that awaits for your wedding day! This is meant to affirm that we are on the same page for your wedding style and have a shared vision. This virtual design is not intended to be replicated stem for stem that day. Your bouquet will be created with only the best blooms available that week and minor substitutions and variations in the arrangement will occur to create the most gorgeous version possible!

Recently, Holly has been working on a “Standards of the Industry” where she dives into setting up some guidelines to help all those in the floral industry to get on the same page. Some topics she brings up are design pricing, labor, set up, event design, rentals and samples.  Here you can read more in detail about those topics.

Follow her on Instagram @hollychapple to see all the amazing workshops she is a part of all over the world this year! Some are a part of her organization Chapel Designers which focuses on continued education and collaboration.  You can find out more here.

And we’ve saved the best for last. Holly invented a total game changer for the mechanics of the floral industry. Say goodbye to chicken wire and foam and hello to the egg and pillow! These amazing little mechanics allow you to create arrangements without foam (even the tall centerpiece designs!) and move designs to different containers.


The effects this will have for florists are truly mind blowing! So much time and energy will be saved. Her product is now available for pre-order through syndicate sales.

First Florist Spotlight Holly Chapple Bouquet

Holly Chapple Bouquet, photo by Cyn Kain

First Florist Spotlight Holly Chapple

Holly Chapple Bouquet, Photo by Cyn Kain

Now that we’ve told you about our first florist spotlight, the next thing Julie and I are excited to do is launch a study group with floral professionals that will focus on creating designs (using our virtual design tool. We want to hear from you!).  If you think you would be interested in participating in a free week study where you will get free access to Bloom checkout our facebook group.  By participating you will earn a significant discount for a year subscription to Bloom. If you are a bride and interested in participating, please contact us at for more information as we are still working to put that group together.

So many new and exciting things to come this year, follow along with our journey!


Remember if you don’t have a subscription to Bloom, get one here!