Florist Spotlight – Abby Daigle

September 04, 2018
Abby Daigle

It’s been a busy summer of traveling, taking and editing flower pictures and having kids home from school! We are happy to say we are settling back in the groove with some of our Florist Spotlight posts, and we have some great ones lined up! Up this week is Stems Floral Design and Event Styling. 

Based out of Austin, Texas, Abby Daigle has created a fabulous company. One who creates, designs and plans down to that last final detail! When your childhood home is a prominent wedding venue like Abby’s, how could you not go into this industry! Learning floral design from her mother and event design from her father, Abby has the background to allow her to do amazing things!

When asked if Stems preferred a particular style to design, Abby said,  “We pride ourselves on being adaptable to our clients needs and can design in any style.  But the whimsical, garden-inspired designs are our probably our current flavor of choice.” I think a lot of us can relate!


Abby Daigle Abby DaigleAbby Daigle

Onto the question I like best, your favorite flower! Here’s what Abby had to say, “As a florist, this is always changing.  We are huge flower lovers, and we are constantly seeking out new varieties to play with.  Honestly, I don’t even think we could pick just one!  If we had to, maybe we would choose garden roses – because there are so many amazing new varieties coming out and they open up so beautifully!  They go hand-in-hand with our favorite aesthetic.

I love this tidbit of information that Abby shared with us, “We have quite a few weddings planned for this year and next, and each one is special and unique – those designs get us excited!  But in terms of projects, we have also begun growing some of our product and that has been really rewarding and thrilling!” I mean who wouldn’t be thrilled to see your very own flowers growing. And then turning them into some of these amazing designs!

Abby Daigle Abby Daigle Abby Daigle

Abby has a unique time-saving technique to share with us. She has created her own! “For time saving, we would definitely say our secret weapon is our proposal system.  Basically we have developed a souped up excel file, that automatically calculates costs, automatically tallies your flower order and supply lists.  It’s a huge time saver, and makes those tedious tasks take seconds – can’t imagine doing proposals without it!” If you think you’d like to learn more, click here!

In addition, Abby shares, “We have just began marketing and selling our proposal software, which is something we have been working on for the last 14 years to get just perfect.  It’s something we use every day, and quite honestly never thought to make available to other florists until other local florists began requesting it.  Now we are ready to share it all across the US and hopefully make our florist friends lives a little bit easier.  It’s very exciting to talk to florists all over the country who are looking for this kind of thing.  It’s been really rewarding so far.

Now it’s time to see how Design by the Blossom can help! Below is Julie’s beautiful #dbsidebyside based on one of Abby’s fabulous designs! Imagine your clients excitement when they’re able to have a little sneak preview of the beauty that you can create!


So there we have it! Thank you Abby for taking the time to share a little bit about yourself and allowing us to share with our readers!

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