Florist Spotlight – Dawn from Hillside-Consultants

December 01, 2018

We’re back at it again! December is busy all around so let’s put another Florist in the Spotlight! Meet Dawn from Hillside-Consultants!

A little from our Q&A:

What style would you consider your designs to be?

“I actually don’t have a particular style.  I have been a designer for over 28 years and can design in any style that is desired.”

What is your favorite flower and why?

“Favorite flower is a tough one because there are so many that I love but I would have to say any flower that has a pleasing fragrance such as certain roses, freesia, stock and gardenias.”

What project are you currently working on or want to start that you’re excited about?

“I just got done with a very unique wedding that I enjoyed a lot!  It was created using almost all succulents.  The bridesmaids’ bouquets were done using a technique known as a Duchess style.  The center had one intact succulent and then, using a special floral glue we have, I hand glued succulent petals all around to create one giant succulent!”

What is your favorite time saving mechanic/technique?

“Best time saver would probably be the cold floral glue that we use for a lot of things but in particular for wrist corsages.  No more wiring and taping and it is super fast.”

Anything new and exciting that you will be working on or participating in this year?

“The most exciting wedding I designed this year was for a Persian bride!  Her bouquet turned out stunning and all the details from her Persian table where fascinating!  I am going to miss this particular bride!  We had such a great time planning together.”  















We love this side by side that Dawn created! 






Dawn also shared that she was awarded a very large contract with one of our biggest venues, The Wedgwood, which has increased her business by a LOT!  She went from about 68 weddings per year to over 200!  Congrats Dawn and Hillside-Consultants! So excited for you!

Here at Design by the Blossom, we are looking forward to the holiday and the New Year.  We have some exciting ideas in store and can’t wait to share them with you!

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