Florist Spotlight – Marzeyeh

December 04, 2018

Happy December everyone! We have some lovely thoughts to share this week from a special Design by the Blossom user, Maryezeh with “Arrangements with Marzeyeh.” 

A true entrepreneur, Marzeyeh started her first business in the second grade! Now she is a wife, mother, small business owner, florist, business coach and life coach! What a repertoire!

Here is what Marzeyeh had to share with us!

What style would you consider “Arrangements with Marzeyeh” designs to be?

“I would say my design style is a little word I call “Rustern” its a mix of rustic and modern. I enjoy the classics and love whats trending and then I like to take them and mash them together! Almost like steampunk but in floral. I dig the new design styles going on right now…all the different aspects and over the top designs that really challenge us as florists and make the floral work an important part of an event!”

What is your favorite flower and why?

“Easy… hands down roses. The classic deep red rose. But it has to be high quality, extra large bloom with a super high petal count! My wedding ring is a rose!”

Arrangements with Marzeyeh

What project are you currently working on or want to start that you’re excited about?

“AHHH I am so excited about so many projects, but currently I am starting Floral Business Mentoring!!! I learned a lot about running a failing wedding floral business and a successful one! I think floral needs to be brought into the modern age. I am starting to offer florists some insights on some amazing technologies, such as Design by the Blossom (DBTB) and some other programs to really help them be successful and grow with the needs of this generation! We already know how to design but I think teaching other florists to flex their digital marketing muscle is what I am most excited about!”

Arrangements with Marzeyeh

What is your favorite time saving mechanic/technique?

“I am a Mother, wife and small business owner… I have NO TIME! and I am like the most impatient person ever… so things have to be done quickly and effectively! Currently, I was able to put some tools in place to help handle my clients (even while I am sleeping). I think having a system in place to “care” for new inquires, current clients and vendors is a HUGE time saver. Using programs like DBTB help me save time (and money) by being able to quickly design something for my client on the spot or in an email. I use Virtual Rooms to meet with clients too (like I said, I modernize my floral business) and using a shared screen with DBTB toool.  It really works fantastic for me when a client is requesting something they can’t quite picture. Plus, they think I am ” so cool” (so do I) because I have this tool!!”

Arrangements with Marzeyeh

Anything new and exciting that you will be working on or participating in this year?

“Next year is going to be so tremendous for me! I am already booking some AMAZING weddings I am so excited to take part in! Like I mentioned, I am overjoyed to start talking to other florists about how they see their success (and talk about my complete failures hahaha) to really help them grow their own business. I have always had a passion for marketing and been so curious as to why people buy what/how they do. So tapping into the industry of business consulting and mentoring is a dream come true! It’s been a LONG road and I am leaping… no, running into this next year!”


Look at the beauty she created here with this #dbtbsidebyside!

I love how passionate Marzeyeh is about her work and it’s clear she loves what she does! We can’t wait to see what the new year brings for “Arrangements with Marzeyeh” and are so excited to have her as one of our Design by the Blossom friends and users! If  you’d like to learn more about Marzeyeh and “Arrangements with Marzeyeh” you can visit her website here!


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