Flower Fact Fun – Cornflower

June 08, 2017

Name: Cornflower aka Bachelor Buttons

Colors Available: Obviously cornflowers are available in their traditional blue color.  There are also some pink cornflowers available through Fifty Flowers!

Best For: Based on their name, I think it’s safe to say they can be used for boutonnieres! Along with everything else!

Season Available: The traditional blue cornflowers are only available seasonally April through November.  In addition, the pink cornflowers that Fifty Flowers has available are only available May through September and with a very limited quantity.  Keep availability in mind if you fall in love with these bright blooms!



Fun Fact: So cornflowers have an interesting history.  In folklores, if a young man was to wear a cornflower on his shirt and the bloom faded, it meant that his love was not returned.  If the bloom stayed bright, then his love was returned.  Anyone test out this legend recently?

They look great in this bouquet that Julie designed!


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