Flower Fact Fun – Craspedia

June 22, 2017

Craspedia! This week we are looking into something I consider to be a little different.  Different can be fun and exciting, so if you’re looking for a pop of color to make one or all of your arrangements stand out, then this is your flower! Craspedia will instantly add a new element to your arrangements.  But first a little background to get us started…


Craspedia is a flower that is native to Australia and New Zealand and is a member of the daisy family.  As long as you are in a fairly warm climate and have full sun, you should be able to grow some yourself.  As an added bonus, most varieties are perennials! So plant these one time and they should come back year after year! I may add a few of these to my garden after reading up on them. So easy to care for and lots of fun to incorporate into arrangements! So let’s take a look at what we can learn about this little ball of fun…

Craspedia used for texture in a bouquet

Craspedia Bouquet



Name: Craspedia aka Billy Balls, Billy Butttons and Wollyheads

Colors Available: Yellow, yellow and more yellow!

Best For: Anything and everything. It’s pretty likely that you can add some Craspedia into whatever design you dream up; they add some great texture with their velvety petals! If you want to use them for a vintage inspired look, take a look at Fifty Flowers boutonniere for some encouragement.

Season: Craspedia is available all year round.

Fun Fact: So besides this flower just being unique, it’s also a flower that dries well.  So keep this one in mind for those planning on dried or permanent arrangements.

Craspedia Boutonniere

Love this vintage style Craspedia boutonniere!

Check back later in the week to take a look at some of the up and coming boutonniere ideas!

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