Fourth of July – Red, White and Blue Wedding

July 04, 2017
Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!!

What’s your opinion on holiday weddings?

Some people like them, it’s an invite to a party no matter what the date.  Other people may not like them, especially if they have traditions that they would like to continue each year. Regardless of your opinion of holiday weddings, one thing is for sure.  Most holiday weddings come with an obvious theme or color scheme.

So with today being the Fourth of July, what better time to look at a few red, white and blue weddings? These colors clearly go together and with the majority of flowers coming in red and white (and a lot in blue too), it’s easy to come up with a variety of flower options.

Our Fourth of July pinterest page has a plethora of great ideas to get you thinking, check it out if you need a creative boost!

You can go with a more subtle approach to the color scheme or you can you make a statement with a bold blue.

My personal favorite bouquet that I came across has some anemones, ranunculus and a few poppies

Plenty of centerpiece, cake and boutonniere ideas are available as well!


I had some fun playing around with some design options here is a bouquet that I created using Bloom!

Fourth of July

Fourth of July

What do you think of the sequined bouquet stem wrap? I especially like it for the holdiay bouquet, it adds a little something extra. With all of our new wrap options available, you can really personalize the design you create. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, shoot us an email and let us know!  We are constantly adding new inventory!

Remember if you don’t have a subscription to Bloom, get one here!

Start designing and send us your red, white and blue creations!  Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!