Please note how the image layering works: Each image is assigned a layer in the order the images were added to the design space. So if you have 10 flowers in the design space and image 4 and image 9 are next to each other with image 9 on top, you would need to click “move back 1 layer” 5 times before you would see it go behind image 4. Sometimes it’s easier to “move to back” and then click “move up 1 layer” to get it where you want it faster.

This overview of the design toolbar includes audio instructions!

Quickly design a bouquet online!

Create a virtual centerpiece sample!

Play around with cake flower ideas!

When resizing large flowers such as hydrangea, you will find that you cannot get them to move to the very sides of the work space. By utilizing the “flip” and “rotate” features, you can work around this to get the flowers where you need it.

“My Designs” Section:

Here you can right click on any of your images to “save image as” to your computer, you will then have the full size version. Utilize the icons to the right to share on social media and through email. I’m sorry we do not currently have the edit feature that allows you to reopen and edit your designs. This feature will be in a future website update.


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