“As a florist I was in search of a program to do just what Designed by the Bride can do. It has become one of my most treasured resource when designing for my brides. It can take what I envision and bring it to life. My brides also appreciate being able to see a sample of their flowers ahead of time. Designed by the Bride is user friendly and I am continually amazed at what this site can and has done for my business.” -Faye K.

“I stumbled across your website by typing in “virtual bouquet maker” on Google. I am SO incredibly glad I found it! I am planning an April wedding, and since this is my second wedding I wanted something different. The first time I did what I thought was expected, and I wanted to have “MY” wedding this time. Your site allowed me to design the PERFECT bouquet. Thank you SO SO much for what you do!!!” -Hope H.

“Hi Julie and Alicia, WHAT A GREAT SITE you created!!!! I am going to link to it and share it with all of my brides and fans!”
-Angie Z.

“It’s a great tool and we plan on using it with some of our clients to give them a better idea of what their bouquet will look like! Thanks for such a great tool!” -Diana

“I just wanted to let you know how helpful it was in visualizing a bouquet for my wedding.” -Happy Bride from Jersey

“Your service has kicked up my business 10 notches. My brides are loving being able to see a digital mock up. Please NEVER shut down!” -Necoh