It’s All About the Dahlias!

September 25, 2017
D is for Dahlia

As their growing seasoning is coming to an end, I wanted to talk some about beautiful Dahlias! This gorgeous bloom comes in so many colors and so many sizes that it is easy to see why it is so popular.

Name: Dahlia
Colors Available: Dahlias come in so many colors, (not blue!) so it’s best to see what’s available near you!  On Design by the Blossom we have burgundy, cafe, lavender, pink fuchsia, purple, red, orange, mango, yellow to choose from!

Scent: Dahlias do not produce a scent.

Best For: The variety of colors and sizes that the dahlia is available in makes it a great fit for basically any arrangement.

Season: April/End of May through October.  Keep in mind that towards the end of their seasonal availability, blooms will tend to be smaller.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the dahlia is the state flower of Mexico?


We used Bloom to create these beautiful arrangements.  Which is your favorite?!


Arrangements using Dahlias

Dahlia Arrangements


You can’t go wrong with a dahlia arrangement, they are all gorgeous and unique.  But personally, I love that red and orange centerpiece. I got married during the fall so I am always partial to those rich hues!

What to do if you want to grow your own?

Dahlias sprout from something called a tuber (not to be confused with a bulb). And side note, did you know that the early Aztechs grew the tubers as a food crop?! Interesting what you can learn when reading about flowers! Moving on, after you have planted your tuber, it’s important to remember that some dahlia blooms grow to be very large. So if you are planting a variety that does, make sure that you stake your plants to give them support.  Dahlias are not really pernenials, but after the first frost, you can simply dig up your tubers and save them for next year! My kind of plant!


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