Michelle Edgemont Design – Florist Spotlight

May 29, 2018
Michelle Edgemont Design

It’s been a while since our last post, but we are back at it! This week we are so excited to introduce you to Michelle Edgemont of Michelle Edgemont Design. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Michelle focuses on event design and floral design. Well known for her bold color and modern event decor, her designs will leave you wanting more!


Michelle has been in business since 2011 and has wowed everyone she meets with her amazing talent. She also recently opened up her own shop selling the, “modern, colorful event decor” that she is known for. How fun are these geometric place mats?! Check out her shop for more options and some awesome napkins!

Michelle Edgemont Design


After telling myself not to buy everything in Michelle’s shop, I found out more about the floral side of her business! Michelle says, “I consider our style to be whimsical and loose with a lot of texture. We love using high-end blooms, like Japanese Ranunculus and Dutch sweetpeas, in interesting colors as the main blooms then accent them with loose greens and unique fill flowers. Our clients come to us for our modern take on traditional arrangements, ability to offer full event design along with florals, and strong color sense.” This is definitely evident in her designs, don’t you think?

Michelle Edgemont Design Michelle Edgemont Design Michelle Edgemont Design








Favorites and Time Savers

Onto my favorite question, her favorite flower! “My favorite flowers are anthurium. I love their modern shape, their tropical origins, and the variety of sizes they are available in.” Oh and remember back when we talked with Holly Chapple? We mentioned her new pillow and egg mechanics and how they were game changers in the floral industry. Michelle agrees, “I recently started using Holly Chapple’s pillows instead of chicken wire in compotes. Not having to cut chicken wire saves so much time. We simply place the pillow on top of the compote and start designing. Super easy and time saving!”

Michelle Edgemont Design Michelle Edgemont Design

Michelle Edgemont Design Michelle Edgemont Design

DB Side by Side

We were so excited to have Michelle use our program herself to design her image for our DB Side by Side. She did a great job!

Design by the Blossom Side by Side











What’s next for Michelle Edgemont Design?

Michelle Edgemont Design

What is Michelle working on now? Well we asked her! She said, ‘I’m currently working on producing small shoots in my studio. I buy my favorite flowers from the market or my wholesaler and create designs to cultivate my creativity and my design style. Being able to produce weddings and events is amazing, although the ability to design one perfect compote in my studio, shoot it, and share it with the world that day is a true gift.” And with such talent, who wouldn’t want her to share this perfect arrangements with us!

She is also excited about focusing on some educational blog posts, “I’ve started writing more educational posts on my blog specifically aimed at couples that are searching for their wedding florist. This one, where I teach about how to hire a florist based on style, has been hugely popular with my audience.”



Stay tuned for the next installment of Design by the Blossom’s Florist Spotlight to meet more amazing creatives just like you!

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