New Ceremony Images

October 23, 2017
Design with Ceremony Images

We recently added something new for our Bloom users! Now that the ceremony images have been available for a few months, I thought it would be fun to showcase all that you can do with them!

First up, how to find them!

With all of the new images that have been added recently, it’s hard to keep up with everything! And you might not notice that something new has been added! So, in order to access the new ceremony images, you’ll want to visit the accessories tab of any design page.  There you will find these lovely ceremony images!

Second, what’s available?

Currently, we’ve added four different ceremony images with which you can design.

White Fabric Arch Ceremony Images

White Fabric Arch


Crystal Curtain Arch Ceremony Images

Crystal Curtain Arch


White Stage Ceremony Images

White Stage


White No-Top Chuppah Ceremony Images

White No-Top Chuppah

How can you use them in your designs?

As always, the only limit here is your creativity! You can use a ceremony image to get a feel for flower color. You can use it create an entire ceremony design.  The possibilities are endless! Here are a few our designs that we love! Personally, I love the last image of the white Chuppah, what do you think?


Blue and Lavender Stage Ceremony Images

Blue and Lavender Stage


Flower Arch Ceremony Images

Flower Arch


White Chuppah Ceremony Images

White Chuppah

Now that you know where to find these ceremony images and have been given a little inspiration, let’s see what you can do! Send us your designs so we can share them!

What’s next?

Like flower images, ceremony images have endless possibilities! What are your favorite types of ceremony images that you would like to see added to Bloom? Some ideas that I can think of include an outdoor wooden structure, maybe rows of pews or seats, oooh and some outdoor garden type structures would be fun to design with as well!  Let us know what you want!!



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