Sweet Root Village – Florist Spotlight

March 13, 2018
Sweet Root Village

Florist Spotlight with Sweet Root Village

In the spotlight this week, we have Sweet Root Village. Sweet Root Village is made up of an awesome group of ladies who focus on three things: Editorials, Flowers and Photography. Obviously we are here to focus on the flower portion of their village, but  good to know that the have other services available!If you read our florist spotlight last month about Atelier Ashley Flowers, then you know she is based out of Alexandria, VA, as is Sweet Root Village.  Can I just say that after reading about them on their website, I thought, “Aw, I could be friends with these girls!” They are so down to Earth and friendly, amazing how you can get that just from reading on a website! When I asked co-founders Lauren and Rachel what were some new and exciting things they were doing, they said, ‘We’ve been working on implementing seasonal “play days” with our staff to exercise our creativity! We order a ton of fun flower types in interesting color schemes and spend an entire day designing just for us! We had one so far this year and we are so looking forward to several more in the near future!” I mean, how can you not want to do that?! Every job should offer a creative outlet like that!

As usual, we love hearing about their designs and what their “claim to fame” may be! “We love working in a wide variety of styles, but we are best known for a more gathered, natural but lush look! We are loving more recent opportunities to experiment in styles that don’t come quite as naturally to us. Keeps us on our toes and we want to always push ourselves to grow!”


Sweet Root Village

Floral Cape by Sweet Root Village, Photo by Alysia and Jayson Photography 

Onto my favorite question, the “favorite flower.” Like I said before, it’s one of the few decisions that come easily to me! “Lauren has loved daffodils since she was a little girl, they remind her of her Grandmother’s house and Springtime and they always cheer her up. Rachel has a lot of favorites, but always falls back on ranunculus. The colors, petal count, quirky stems, and variety of styles are too good to pass up!”  I see Grandmothers are influencing more than just my favorite flower choice 😉


Sweet Root Village

Julie loves yellow flowers and ranunculus, so she couldn’t help herself but select this gorgeous shot of a cheery bouquet for the #dbsidebyside

Time Saving Techniques

When Julie first told me about Sweet Root Village, it was to tell me about this amazing technique they had shared on their Instagram. Check out this string of photos and see what you think! If anyone ever has #waxproblems, they have the answer for you!

sweet root villagesweet root villagesweet root villagesweet root villagesweet root villagesweet root village

Who knew that removing wax could be so simple?! What they had to say about this awesome technique: “A fellow floral designer showed us this trick, Genevieve from La Fleur du Jour! So very grateful to our awesome community for sharing with each other and it’s why we are also passionate about building up our community of designers!! There is so much to learn always!” Thanks for sharing ladies! We’re happy to be learning right along side of you.

Sharing time saving mechanics and techniques is a great way for florists to help florists. Who knows there may be one that comes up that you haven’t thought of yet! And if you’re a florist with a time saving technique you would love to share with your fellow flower friends, then please email us for consideration to be in the spotlight! Sweet Root Village says, “Chicken wire and zipties are our two go-to mechanic elements for installations that save us endless time! We’ve also gotten in the habit of ordering pre-cut wire for bigger installations which has saved a ton of time that we didn’t expect!!”

What has Sweet Root Village been up to?

I love supporting local farmers, artisans, shops (I get local glass bottled milk delivered to my house… another story for another day!) Pretty much local anything and everything! And I love that Sweet Root Village works to use blooms from local flowers farms within 60 miles of their studio!

“We just finished participating in Team Flower Conference in Orlando Florida. We spoke on all things installations and had been so looking forward to making a ton of new flower friends!! In a few weeks we are also teaching a portion of the Flower Freelance Intensive! We’ll be mocking up some fun things like a floral chandelier and a large urn arrangement for the attendees! Very excited to see this amazing program succeed in training up an awesome group of floral freelancers!”

They are up to some fun and innovative stuff and we are so happy that we were able to talk with them and get a peak into their exciting flower world!

Sweet Root VillageSweet Root Village Sweet Root Village



Stay tuned for the next installment of Design by the Blossom’s Florist Spotlight to meet more amazing creatives just like you!

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