Thistle make your day!

October 12, 2017
Thistle make your day!

Loaded with sharp prickles, it may be difficult to decide if growing thistle is something you want to take on, but choosing to use it in a floral arrangement is another story. An easy decision, thistle can add a fun unique edge to a centerpiece and pairs nicely with succulents (and who doesn’t love those!). Just make sure you watch out for its sharp edges!


Name: Thistle

Thistle bouquet

Thistle bouquet

Colors Available: Traditionally, thistle is a blue/purple shade.  Over at fifty flowers, you can see some new and exciting man made colors.  There, you can order it in silver, white, brown, copper and gold!

Scent: Believe it or not, this sometimes considered bloom and sometimes considered weed does not smell good! Most thistle is washed free of pollen or picked before pollen appears.  Who would have thought?!

Best For: Centerpieces are a great place for thistle in an arrangement.  It’s also used to add depth to a bouquet, think bright!

Centerpiece with thistle

Centerpiece with thistle designed on                                                      Bloom

Season: Thistle is available year round, but typically blooms between summer and fall depending on the variety.

Fun Fact: Did you know that artichokes are part of the thistle family? Most thistle is actually edible and used for medicinal purposes, but artichokes are the most widely known.

Want to grow your own?

Good news!! Thistle is extremely easy to grow. It’s one of those aggressive plants that will just take over if you let it. Plant in full sun and watch them spread –  buds on the root system allow for new plants to sprout without any help from you!

Custom Giveaway

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Win a Centerpiece!

Win a Centerpiece!

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