Victoria Clausen Floral Events- Florist Spotlight

March 27, 2018
Victoria Clausen Floral Events

This week we had the opportunity to speak with Victoria of Victoria Clausen Floral Events. They are based out of Cockeysville, MD; it was great to talk with yet another florist who is local to us!

Victoria first came to the United States from Ukraine at the age of 21. She started working in a flower shop as a part-time job to get on her feet. From there, her relationship with flowers blossomed into, “an award-winning, trend setting, floral and event design company.”

Victoria says she doesn’t consider her designs to be of any one particular style. She loves doing different things and pushing her creative limits. Thinking outside the box to come up with the perfect design for that particular client. Instead of being known for a particular style, their attention to detail and their creativity is what she wants clients to notice most!

Victoria’s answer for favorite flower is my answer for pretty much every question… she can’t pick just one! To her, it changes seasonally and with whatever design she is currently working on. There are just too many beautiful flowers and who doesn’t love variety!

Victoria Clausen Floral Events

Victoria Clausen Floral Events
Photography by Artful Weddings Sachs Photography

Victoria Clausen Floral Events are gearing up to work on some fabulous events this year… but their secrets can’t be shared just yet, so be sure to check back on their “Stories” to see what awesome designs have been coming from them! Victoria was so excited about the unique concepts that will be displayed at these upcoming events!



Victoria Clausen Floral Events

Victoria Clausen Floral Events Photography by Anna Schmidt Photography

Workshops and Floral Rents

Besides their upcoming events, Victoria said she is really putting an effort into focusing on the outside. She wants to empower others to gain the experience and the ability to reach the next level in the floral industry. She offers classes and workshops for both the public and those in the floral industry and hopes that everyone leaves 100% empowered and ready for success! I love that she offers such a wide variety of classes! The Mother-Daughter Fairy Tea Party sounds like something I’d love to take my girls to when they are older!

Victoria Clausen Floral Events

Victoria Clausen Floral Events Photography by Sara Elizabeth Photography

Just this past February, she started Floral Rents. This is a really exciting opportunity for florists! Her large inventory and available storage has allowed her to branch out with this new business venture. Using Floral Rents, you are able to rent a variety of specialty items that you may need for an event. So now if your client wants a vase that you think you may just use one time, you can rent it, rather than buy it and have to find a place to store it. What a great idea! Victoria is so excited for Floral Rents and the new possibilities it will bring for florists. She hopes it will bring the community together and help florists reach new goals!

Aside from the popular Harlow Stands from Accent Decor you may be looking for, you can also find some really unique pieces. These are just a few of the many items they offer, so be sure to have a look at their inventory!


Time Saving Techniques & Side by Side

As we know, everyone does things differently and what better way to learn and improve than to hear how other people do things! For Victoria, she finds the most helpful thing she can do is to focus her time on the design side. She finds that if she is thorough it really helps in the end.

Onto the #dbsidebyside, there were so many gorgeous arrangements to choose from! Julie finally decided on this one! She loved the drama of this tall centerpiece but also how it still felt light and airy. And a bonus tip, pin spotting your centerpieces definitely amps up the wow factor!


Victoria Clausen Floral Events


I had a great time speaking with Victoria and it’s so refreshing to hear from someone who absolutely loves their job. Victoria and her group do amazing work and they really are an asset to our community. I just love that they really put forth an effort to empower everyone! Can’t wait to see what else comes from them!

Stay tuned for the next installment of Design by the Blossom’s Florist Spotlight to meet more amazing creatives just like you!

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